Without advice Gerrard, Suarez Maybe Will Not Join Barca

Without advice Gerrard, Suarez Maybe Will Not Join Barca

Barcelona – Barcelona Join recognized Luis Suarez did so dream since childhood. But without the advice of Steven Gerrard, Suarez could not play this season there.

Suarez moved to Barca last summer with a tag of 75 million pounds after well in his last season with Liverpool, making 31 goals that make the Premier League top scorer and best player of the league.

Suarez’s move was also terminate any speculation about the future of the Uruguayan, who has been disturbing Liverpool and Suarez since the last few seasons.

Even at the beginning of last season strong Suarez called with a move to Arsenal despite eventually opted to stay at Liverpool, after the news about the offer “ridiculous” of the Gunners for 40 million pounds plus 1 pound.

When Suarez finally joined Barca who had dreamed for a long time, it was all because he listened to the advice of Liverpool captain Gerrard in which it asked Suarez last season before playing at Barca, called Gerrard more than Arsenal deserved Suarez.

“I really owe a lot to Steven when Arsenal want to buy me,” Suarez said as quoted by the Liverpool Echo.

“We’re talking four eyes and he said, ‘Hold on here and wait another season Barcelona bid, you’re too good for Arsenal’,” he continued.

“It was the best advice he can give. If not for him, I probably would not be in Barcelona at the moment.”