When Ronaldo Shirt Give the boy to hit his Soccer

When Ronaldo Shirt Give the boy to hit his Soccer

Madrid – When the warm-up match, Cristiano Ronaldo kick the ball accidentally on a boy. What do Ronaldo then? He approached the boy and gave the T-shirt he was wearing.

The incident was tucked up before the game quarterfinal second leg between Real Madrid’s Champions League opponents Atletico Madrid, Thursday (23/04/2015) pm dawn yesterday. When that Ronaldo is warming takes the free kick.

Well, a kick the Portuguese player was making the ball rolled into the stands and hit a child. Looked hard enough for the boy to a medical officer approached.

Ronaldo then do not ignore granted. Had looked worried, he then ran toward the victims of foul balls, remove warming socks he was wearing, and gave it. The boy was then caught on camera almost cried get Ronaldo jerseys as healers pain.

Not only was it an act of Ronaldo in the game. He also made the assist for the goal Javier Hernandez, who passed Madrid to the semi-finals of the Champions League this season.