Wenger: Chelsea Could Possibly Samai Record Invincible Arsenal

Wenger: Chelsea Could Possibly Samai Record Invincible Arsenal

London Chelsea manager, Jose Mourinho, claimed to be difficult for his team to match Arsenal’s unbeaten record in the Premier League. However, Arsene Wenger actually think The Blue’ might be able to do it.

Chelsea performance is okay at the start of the season makes them start predicted as a strong candidate for champions. It’s been so Chelsea as well so the only unbeaten team of 10 weeks passed.

So naturally, with his performance today, Chelsea could have been predicted to finish the season undefeated. Something never done Arsenal won the Premier League season 2003/2004.

At that time, Arsenal managed to finish without even losing 38 games, and added two games in the previous season as well as the nine games in the next season, a total of 49 games before being stopped Manchester United.

No, no, no. This is the Premier League and for the moment football has changed a lot since the last time a team did it 10 years ago. Premier League also has changed and it is impossible to do so,” said Mourinho when asked if Chelsea was able to equal the record Invincible’ Arsenal.

However, different statements issued precisely because the French manager Wenger was considered, Chelsea could have equaled the record of his team because in football anything can happen.

For the moment everything is possible. It seems like just 10 years ago since we did it and football has not changed much in that time. But it is too early to tell. We played 49 games – more than one season so like it a little too fast,” said Wenger was quoted as saying by the Telegraph.