Victory of Madrid, capital of Milan against Sassuolo

Victory of Madrid, capital of Milan against Sassuolo

MILAN AC Milan’s 4-2 victory of Real Madrid is only the case in a friendly match, but the outcome of the game it can be enough capital to carry out positive Rossoneri Serie A giornata 17 against Sassuolo tonight (01/06/2015).

Our target is to find consistency, disappointing if we do not build it after the result against Real Madrid. Sassuolo team organized and trained well, we know the danger, said Allegri, who are reluctant to underestimate Sassuolo, adapted from the Italian Football, Tuesday (01/06/2015).

We are wary of their strength, and will play with the right attitude. We must be on the same level as in our game ever, Sassuolo team matches against Roma and Juventus “he continued.

Opportunity to surging up can be achieved by Ricardo Montolivo et al, due in the next three games against a team that on paper can be conquered like Sassuolo, Torino and Atalanta. But Inzaghi wants foster children to focus on the game against Sassuolo.

I do not see the game afterwards. I have to think about Sassuolo, and think how we can win. Good we played in front of the fan, we have to make them proud, “he continued.

With respect, third place we passed one game to another game. Standings will reflect what we do, if we play the same way against Roma, Napoli and Real, then we can do well, said the coach who is often called Pippo it.