As Usual, Ronaldo will Answering criticism with His goals

As Usual, Ronaldo will Answering criticism with His goals

Lisbon The sharpness of the decline and birthday parties in the defeat of Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo made a flood of criticism. As they had done before, CR7 will answer incoming attacks him with goals.

After dropping Madrid won 22 consecutive wins in all competitions until the end of 2014, the graph looks Ronaldo decreased. After the turn of the year he was only making four goals (three in La Liga and the Copa del Rey), whereas in the first four months of the season he had scored 29 goals in all competitions.

Ronaldo declining productivity is accompanied by the other moments that make the condition worse. Footballers 30 years can a red card when dealing with Cordoba as stepping on an opponent, while at the end of last week due to his birthday party in question was held just a few hours after a crushing defeat Real Madrid over Atletico Madrid.

Sharp criticism coming on Ronaldo believed not to make the world‘s best footballer depressed. As they had done before, Ronaldo will answer the accusations that led him to the goal.

He will respond on the pitch with the way he always did, with a goal, with his art, with his ability,” convinced the Portuguese National Team coach, Fernando Santos.

Problem birthday party Ronaldo, Ronaldo Santos understand why not cancel the event despite Madrid defeat the night before big. Santos personally know that the party had planned a few days earlier, and therefore may not be canceled for granted.

I was when it was in Madrid to watch the match against Sevilla and I know that there will be a party in that day (Sunday) Will be strange if the party was canceled after the game, despite the fact that is difficult to accept defeat,” he added, as quoted by Marca.