Terry: Chelsea Complicate Leicester

Terry: Chelsea Complicate Leicester

Leicester – Chelsea turn things around to beat Leicester City 3-1 in the match held at the King Power Stadium. Chelsea captain John Terry admitted his side were not easy to get.

The Blues played poorly thus allowing the Foxes ahead thanks to goals from Marc Albrighton in the final minutes of the first half. Terry cs recorded even not able to make the experiment led to the goal.

However, the situation changed after the break. Terry led Chelsea to reverse the situation after Didier Drogba scored a goal back early in the second half. Victory for the visitors determined slick goal by Ramires in the 83rd minute.

With this win, Chelsea collected 80 points and four games left. Jose Mourinho’s team will ensure won his first league title in five years if it is able to beat Crystal Palace at the weekend.

“We are almost champions. Leicester is a tough team and they continue to struggle,” said Terry in BBC Sport. “At the break we got a briefing and then we came out and played very well in the second half.”

“Indeed, in the first half we were not good enough but, listen, we successfully obtained the three points,” he continued.

“So far we are the best team throughout the season. We deserve a lot of respect because we played so well throughout the year. Let’s hope we can win on Sunday.”