Ter Stegen Want to Be Number One Completely at Barca

Ter Stegen Want to Be Number One Completely at Barca

Paris – Marc-Andre Ter Stegen was not comfortable with the rotation policy applied by the Barcelona coach, Luis Enrique. German player was confirmed just want to be the number one completely under the crossbar.

Ter Stegen and Claudio Bravo equally purchased Barca last summer after the death of Victor Valdes. Ter Stegen public initially predict who will be the successor to the number one goalkeeper Valdes as the Catalan team.

Unfortunately back injury made Ter Stegen mission was hampered early in the season and was selected Bravo routine by Enrique. Bravo then appeared stable since the beginning of the season and then make Ter Stegen trouble sliding of the core team.

Ter Stegen eventually just gets orders yet in the Champions League and Copa del Rey where he total accumulated 15 appearances and 10 goals conceded. Yet though the 22-year-old fell at the party La Liga this season.

This condition is apparently complained of by Ter Stegen who originally came to Barcelona to become the number one goalkeeper, but instead he had to split ends ration appearance with Bravo.

“Of course, not easy to be in a situation where I have not finished number one goalkeeper. I indeed welcome, but did not really find comfort here,” said Ter Stegen as quoted by Soccernet.

“It would be very naive if I thought it could be easy to no.1 goalkeeper Barcelonia and irreplaceable, but that’s my goal and I will try to fulfill that ambition,” added the former Borussia Moenchengladbach it.

“I find it hard to accept the fact that I just finished up in the league. I certainly want to be played.”