Target Mourinho at Stamford Bridge is not the Feast of champions, but Three Points

Target Mourinho at Stamford Bridge is not the Feast of champions, but Three Points

London – Jose Mourinho ask Chelsea fans meet at Stamford Bridge this weekend. Not to greet his favorite team champion holding a party, but to support John Terry et al won three points.

3-1 win gained from the trip to Leicester City on Thursday (5/30/2015) morning earlier deliver Chelsea a step towards the Premier League title 2014/2015. Stay three points needed the Blues to complete their struggles this season, three points most likely to come this weekend at home to Crystal Palace.

Playing at Stamford Bridge to face a team that is in the bottom making Chelsea’s chances to win – and lock the title – would be enormous. All the supporters of Chelsea could certainly have been preparing for the match in the celebration party on Sunday (05/03/2015) night it was.

Although a step to become champion, Jose Mourinho chose to be patient until the title was actually already in your hand. He asked the fans to come to Stamford Bridge at the end of this week to provide support and not for the mere holding a party.

“Stamford Bridge should be prepared to give a boost to the team on Sunday. We need Stamford Bridge is not to celebrate the title, because we do not get the title. We need them to drive us the three points we needed,” said Mourinho in Skysport.

Unlike in 2004 where Mourinho directly gave Chelsea the title, this time the Portuguese man took two seasons to be able to (barely) won the Premier League. Mourinho calls The Blues have undergone a transformation that satisfy the two-year period.

“When I came two years ago, in the Premier League, Chelsea difficulties. Years ago we evolved, we finished third but could only finish second or first.”

“This season is really remarkable from a small group of players. We have many young players who are emotionally difficult to control. Now we are almost there. At the moment in which we need three points to be champions, the players should be very proud of themselves itself, “Mourinho completed.