Southampton Continuing Week Weight, Now Go up ‘Gunner’

Southampton Continuing Week Weight, Now Go up 'Gunner'

Southampton Medium soar, Southampton must now confront a challenging exam week. After failing the first test, the Saints will now face another test at the headquarters of Arsenal.

This season begins Soton, also commonly referred to as Southampton, with promising. Currently the only team that made Ronald Koeman was still able to sit in third place in spite of the Premier League standings last weekend was unable to add the numbers.

The latest defeat in the game, with the score 0-3, experienced Soton when host Manchester City. Party itself to be the beginning of a three-fight weight within a week to Soton.

After the defeat of the next Soton will challenge the host Arsenal at the Emirates, Thursday (12/04/2014) pm dawn. Despite now the Gunners are still there in the sixth, the game is still hard for Soton.

First of all, Gunner’ is now trying to get up. After a record three games without a win in all competitions, Arsene Wenger’s squad is now even been stringing two consecutive wins.

In addition there is also the fact, as noted Opta, that the Saints could never beat Arsenal in the last nine meetings in the Premier League, Arsenal won five times, with the other four games ended in a draw. It had been so Arsenal also unbeaten on Soton in 19 home games (14 wins, five draws).

However, Soton can still maintain hope for this season is actually already had triumphed at the Emirates when a 2-1 win over Arsenal in the League Cup. Judging from peracik factor tactics, Koeman had already been twice defeated Wenger in a total of seven meetings one meeting Wenger won the other four ended without a winner