This is Satire Spicy Mourinho’s Sergio Ramos

This is Satire Spicy Mourinho's Sergio Ramos

London Not Jose Mourinho‘s name if he does not respond to comments from other parties concerned himself or his players. This time, the Chelsea coach was confronted with the Spanish national team defender Sergio Ramos.

Mourinho was furious with Sergio Ramos, who intervened to comment on the condition of Chelsea and the Spain national team, Diego Costa and Fabregas.

Both players missed the last two games of the Spanish national team and appeared together at the Chelsea game last weekend. Ramos hope every player showed the same commitment to the national team as when defending their respective club.

Real Madrid defender that does not mention the name of a particular player, but Mourinho believes these comments are directed to both players. Mourinho, who coached Ramos in Madrid, reminiscent of the 29-year-old defender in their capacity in order to comment.

Ramos is a fantastic player, but he’s not a doctor. He is not a doctor and nor I, “Mourinho said as quoted by the Daily Mail.

My doctor (Chelsea) and the Spanish national team doctor, they have done the inspection and decided that the player is not fit to play. I think Sergio did not take a master in the field of medicine in the last two years to understand it, he added.

Coach nicknamed The Special One was judging many double standards for himself and his team. He took the example of other players are also absent in the national team but immediately defend his club.

Vincent Kompany playing for Manchester City, but he did not play for Belgium (against Wales). He was injured. Okay? Is Leighton Baines (absent from England) played for Everton? No, he did not play but how many injured players for the national team and could return a week later, to perform the work in the club? Many, Mourinho insisted.

Costa scored one goal last weekend when Chelsea beat West Bromwich Albion 2-0. One more goal scored by Eden Hazard.