Rooney: Manchester United Players City Utilizing the ‘Lazy’ Down

Rooney: Manchester United Players City Utilizing the 'Lazy' Down

Manchester – After four straight defeats in the Premier League, Manchester United eventually won the Manchester derby. One of the hallmarks of The Red Devils are successful players utilize the Citizens down laziness help defense.

Although left earlier, Manchester United finally won a resounding victory with a score of 4-2 at home to City at Old Trafford on Sunday (12/04/2015) night. It became the first victory over the Red Devils ‘noisy neighbors’ after the four previous meetings in the Premier League is always lost.

MU earned a 4-2 victory thanks to great pressure is given in the midfield.

City midfield which often helps the attack until far into the future, but slow down again when the pressure can be targeted goals MU in the game. The strategy proved successful.

“We know some of the players City is not in the category of the best when it comes to tracking back and survive, when they have to chase the players quickly. And we thought we could take advantage of that, and we managed to do it,” said Rooney.

“We have players who can score goals from midfield and, to be honest, we’ve been thinking it would be able to give us the victory, as it was finally proven,” said Rooney in the Telegraph.

Down with a 4-4-1-1 formation, City leaving a hole in the middle of the field. Toure shaft and Fernandinho often failed to protect the back four, while Vincent Kompany declined in recent appearances while Martin Demichelis is very limited with age. Toure is often too late to come down heavily utilized in building Serengan MU behind, on the other hand Fernando or Fernandinho yet to find their best game.