Rodgers Assessed Still Okay to Liverpool despite Benitez Names Starting Touted

Rodgers Assessed Still Okay to Liverpool despite Benitez Names Starting Touted

Liverpool Liverpool made a bad beginning Brendan Rodgers under pressure. Speculated his future, with Rafael Benitez’s name also surfaced. However, Rodgers is still considered as the most appropriate figure for Liverpool today.

After so serious challenger to the Premier League title last season, and eventually finished in second place, this time Liverpool still teetering in 11 games early. Being in position 11, the Reds now also closed to within 15 points of the top.

It made a number of people began to question the ability of Rodgers, the real new last season was praised for its performance at Anfield. Increasingly strong rumors circulating along with the speculation that Benitez, the former Liverpool manager who is currently dealing with Napoli, could have left the club at the moment and return to the Premier League in the summer.

However, Jason McAteer who is penggawa Reds Rodgers believes that the 1995-1999 period is still very able to make improvements in Liverpool. The arrival of Benitez was not necessary.

Rafa has repeatedly talked about his love for Liverpool and I’m sure if it gets a chance he will come back and deal with this club again, but you can not rule out Brendan just because of a bad start this season,” said McAteer on talkSPORT.

The fans started talking about the possibility of replacing Brendan, but I think overall Liverpool Brendan Rodgers was delighted with. I think he will be given time. Obviously I think he will not be fired this season. Today people judge Rodgers transfer activity. He did not do that good, but in skuatnya he had a lot of talented players and it takes time to integrate them and also for the players believe in his philosophy.

We’ve lost (Daniel) Sturridge due to injury and Luis Suarez go in the summer so it is a great thing to start again. Liverpool have made a few steps back but I have great expectations for Brendan Rodgers, and I am sure he will perform very well in in a number of upcoming games and then we‘ll talk about Brendan as well as last season, he said.