Removing the public Anfield departure Gerrard

Removing the public Anfield departure Gerrard

Liverpool – Steven Gerrard will probably never appear again at Anfield as a Liverpool player. Gerrard also had to say goodbye after his last match at Anfield.

Game against Crystal Palace in the 37th week of the Premier League on Saturday (05/16/2015), became the last home game Liverpool this season. This game is also a farewell event with the public Gerrard Anfield. After the season completed, the 34-year-old midfielder will move to the United States and defending Los Angeles Galaxy.

Before kick-off, Gerrard get a guard of honor of the players of both teams. She brought her three daughters; Lilly-Ella, Lexie, and Lourdes; when entering the field. When Gerrard appeared, the applause from the fans directly formations at Anfield.

The Liverpool fans greeted the captain with a special gift. The Kop supporters in the stands formed a mosaic “S 8 G”, while the stands Centenary Stand forming mosaic “Captain” as a form of tribute to the player who has 17 years of service in the Liverpool first team.

Unfortunately, the public farewell party Gerrard Anfield was marked by an impressive victory. Liverpool lost 1-3 instead of the Palace. Went ahead with a goal by Adam Lallana, the Reds finally subdued after the Palace reverse the situation through Jason Puncheon, Wilfried Zaha and Glenn Murray.

After the final whistle, Gerrard shook his teammate and the players Palace. Later, he went into the locker room Anfield.

After a few minutes, Gerrard, and the Liverpool players appeared again in front of the dressing room. Special, all the players wearing the same jerseys, T-shirts with the number 8 and the name Gerrard.

This time the Liverpool players also took their children to the field. Gerrard, who returned with her three daughters, appeared the most backward and immediately drew applause from the entire stadium.

While holding the youngest Lourdes, Gerrard LFC interviewed by TV presenter on the sidelines. Despite undergoing one of the most emotional moments of his career, Gerrard looks tough and trying not to cry.

By LFC TV presenter, Gerrard was asked to name his best moment at Anfield. What answer him?

“It’s difficult to choose one (moment), but I think it was the first time I raced at Anfield, thanks to the people on my left side (Gerard Houllier). It is a moment I will never forget,” said Gerrard.

“The first time you play for Liverpool is a dream come true. Everything else after that is a bonus for me,” he said.

During strengthen Liverpool, Gerrard has appeared in 709 games and scored 185 goals. He offered ten trophies, including the Champions League trophy in 2005.

“I want to thank everyone at the club who helped me over the last 17 years. There was no order from top to bottom and too many people who should be mentioned. I would like to thank all the teammates in the squad today, even the players who not too close, “said Gerrard.

“All the former players who play with me over the years. It is they who make me be like now. But, I have to save the final thanks to you, the most important people in any football club. The fans are more important than others , “he added.

“Before I go, before the tears, I’ve played in front of most of the fans around the world. But, allow me to tell you guys. You guys are the best,” said Gerrard.

After that, Gerrard walked around the pitch to greet fans. He was followed by other players. He also took time to sign autographs for a few fans and received a gift of shoes from a young fan.