“Why Referee Involved Every time Juve Win?”

"Why Referee Involved Every time Juve Win?"

NAPLES indeed Juventus to a 3-1 victory cons Napoli at the San Paolo, after the last time to achieve it in 2000 ago. Yet somehow, there is always a controversy that accompanied each victory Bianconeri.

Allenatore Juventus Juventus remove the curse that was furious with the remark that was brought boss Napoli, Aurelio De Laurentiis. Employers say the film was not separated from Juventus victory referee assistance.

The controversy made me smile, because if we start to protest to the referee there will be uproar. When they fight us, everything is happy, but when everything goes our benefit, then so controversial, “complained Allegri told Sky Sport Italia, Monday (01/12/2015).

If appropriate cases, allow us complain about the two incidents which we weigh against Sampdoria? Mistakes happen, they just like the coach, the players and the president, so why should the referee? Why do they always raised controversy after a great game, he said.

Disappointing to see someone heating problem in a beautiful night of the fight football. Unfortunately this Italian football, no one to accept defeat and decisions. If we continue to blame the referee every time do a mistake, no one will be left. Are we just supposed to be a referee, Allegri vent frustration.