‘The Red’ is now more static and less Dare

'The Red' is now more static and less Dare

Liverpool Last season Liverpool look impressive, to be able to compete hunt for the Premier League title. But this season’s ‘The Redhas not been able to replicate the performance. What is different?

Liverpool last season to be one of the most attractive teams in the British game. Brendan Rodgers‘s side look to attack, relying on the speed of the attacker, the movement of the liquid, and sharp passes to the opponent’s defense.

With these performances, children compete Merseyside title hunt despite ultimately losing to Manchester City and had to settle for finishing as runner-up. One thing that stands out is the amount of the Liverpool goal to reach 101 goals, second only to the City recorded 102 goals.

Nicks goal Steven Gerrard et al. was in the process cover the weaknesses at the back. Keep in mind that the performance of the Liverpool back line was seshiny lines with a total of 50 goals attacked lodged against. This is the worst record among the top five teams.

But as far as this season goes, Liverpool have not been able to repeat last season‘s performance. If no records are successfully replicated, it is a poor defense so far has conceded 15 goals from 11 games. While the performance is still far from the front lines with a slick new word record 14 goals. That is, the current Liverpool on goal difference in the minus position.

Comparing stats last season with the season, Liverpool proved to change the style of play. Whoscored noted that last season salient attributes of the team made Rodgers is dribel and a breakthrough.

Average per game last season, Liverpool recorded a 12.4 dribel trial and five bait breakthrough. This entry is directly proportional to the number of shots that reached an average of 17.1 per game with 6.8 of them on target