Real Madrid Threatened Clear Get Lucas Silva

Real Madrid Threatened Clear Get Lucas Silva

Madrid Real Madrid Plan Cruzeiro bring young midfielder, Lucas Silva, in the month of January 2015 threatened to fail. What is the reason?

In recent weeks Los Blancos continued to be associated with the 21-year players. The news in Spain said the El Real had held talks with Cruzeiro related transfer Lucas Silva.

However, the news reported by Marca call Cruzeiro reluctant to release his young players in the near future. This is indicated by the intention Cruzeiro give a new contract and salary increases Silva.

The strategy is closely related to Cruzeiro desire to continue to use his services at least up to six months. However, the club will possibly sell it in the middle of next year.

Believed, Lucas Silva selling price will increase to number 24 million Euros (371 billion rupiah) is almost double the price set Cruzeiro to Madrid for 15 million euros (232 billion rupiah).

Lucas Silva claimed transfer talks stalled because Real Madrid is not willing to raise their bid at the rate of 12 million euros (186 billion rupiah). [Yob]