Problem His goal celebration, Hernanes Apologizes to Supporters Lazio

Problem His goal celebration, Hernanes Apologizes to Supporters Lazio

Milan – Inter Milan midfielder, Hernanes, celebrates his goal against Lazio through a backflip action. Did not think the action that makes Lazio supporters angry, Hernanes also apologized.

In a match marked by two red cards for Lazio at the Stadio Olimpico on Monday (05/11/2015) pm dawn, Hernanes scored both Inter’s goals. Two goals from Brazilian midfielder was delivering Nerazzurri won 2-1 after Lazio went ahead through Antonio Candreva.

Hernanes created the first goal through a free kick in the first half. After the shot was goalkeeper Federico Marchetti, Hernanes did the celebration that has become his trademark, which backflip.

Backflip is a back flip action. Tumbling action is done by turning the body 360 degrees in the air vertically.

Hernanes stated that his action was aimed at the President of Lazio, Claudio Lotito. He did not mean to mock Lazio, the club he had strengthened during the three and a half seasons, or the fans Biancocelesti.

But, it turned out to make the action Hernanes Lazio supporters angry. They consider Hernanes showed no respect for his former club.

Hernanes was immediately reacted and apologized for the action that is misunderstood.

“I want to apologize to all the fans Lazio because if I knew beforehand that I would somersault action interpreted as an act of disrespect, I will never do this,” wrote on his Facebook Hernanes.

“I have a reason and I’ve said what it is! But, perhaps it is not too precious. Okay, sometimes pride makes you do things you do not even understand!

“But, I believe in one thing – I never do not respect you, even when you whistled at me when I was in uniform Lazio and did not play too good!

“And if you observe, I do not do the celebration when I scored against Lazio at the San Siro. I did not celebrate when I scored both yesterday and even somersaults somersaults it is sad, no fun at all! But, I repeat – I am sorry and I apologize for what happened! ” Hernanes said.