Premier League champions Chelsea Barely Without Displaced from Peak

Premier League champions Chelsea Barely Without Displaced from Peak

Chelsea confirmed as Premier League champions before the competition actually completed. Special again, the Blues get the title almost without ever leaving the top position.

Ensure Chelsea won the league at the weekend 35th alias when the competition still leaves three games again. A collection of 83 points could no longer be pursued rivals, including the nearest stalker Manchester City (70 points).

Transfermarkt also noted if it is okay achievement earned Chelsea only once displaced from the top. Chelsea had left the top spot to second place in the second week. At that time, the top position is occupied Tottenham Hotspur superior goal difference (five goals), while Chelsea ‘only’ bagging four goals difference.

Chelsea’s first defeat obtained when faced Newcastle United 1-2 even not affect the position. In the 15th week the team of Jose Mourinho is still the top.

Chelsea Manchester City had shifted to the second position in the week of the 20th. City, who play first win over Sunderland 3-2.

The Blues are scheduled to appear after the Spurs beaten by a score of 3-5. But Chelsea’s second defeat obtained in the 2014/2015 season and even then not change the position at the top.

At the weekend, Chelsea and City are identical in the collection points, productivity, and the number conceded goal difference. Both teams both collected 46 points and goal difference 44-19 and. But, because the ‘C’ earlier than ‘M’, be entitled to Chelsea is in top position while City beneath.

Since then until this week, Chelsea is not displaced. The Blues remain top.

Other statistics also indicate if Chelsea became one of the club’s longest at the top. Namely, in the season 2005/2006 and 2009/2010 for 257 days during the 2014 weekend. Manchester United still the most frequently at the peak, up to four times (seasons 1993/1994, 1995/1996, 2000/2001, 2006/2007).
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