Optimism ‘Red Devils’ at Old Trafford

Optimism 'Red Devils' at Old Trafford

Manchester In the middle of the week Stoke City are expected to come to Old Trafford and brought the survival strategies. If so, Manchester United claimed to have been very ready to face.

After packing the three-game winning streak of the Red Devils will now strive to continue the positive barrage when host Stoke in the Premier League on Wednesday (02/12/2014) pm dawn.

At the previous meeting of the MU must recognize the benefits of Stoke when losing 1-2 at the Britannia Stadium in early February. While the last time the two teams face off at Old Trafford, in October 2013, the ‘Red Devils’ behind twice before turning to win 3-2.

Last season they come here and play well, which would make it difficult for us, but maybe this year they will come here and play like other teams at Old Trafford with a way to appear defensive,” said the Chelsea player Ashley Young.

Depending us to dismantle their defense, but for us it is not something new. We have shown indications that it is able to do it and I‘m sure we can repeat it and reached three figures,” he said on the official website MU web pages.