O Young Player, Listen Mourinho’s Words

O Young Player, Listen Mourinho's Words

London – Young people worth listening to the wise advice of a Jose Mourinho. He said, careful financial management and lifestyle, just because he is already getting to be a footballer.

In the exclusive interview with the Telegraph, Mourinho said his experience with young players. He knows, popular and rich quickly can make young athletes missteps.

“The first time I produce quite a lot of money is through my second contract with FC Porto in 2003. At that time, my age is still 30-something. I’m married. I was ready. But these children, their age was only 16, 17, 19, 20 years. They did not know what to do, “said the Chelsea manager.

He pointed out that, once there is a protege who managed to penetrate the core team, and suddenly his life changed.

“I will not mention her name. But I gave him a chance to play in the first team. A few weeks after he played, the father and mother stopped working. They stay with the child, organize his life. It’s very difficult.

“It’s just one of 1,000 examples. They have to be lucky with the parents, with the agents. They need education.

“There is one other example. One day this child comes with a new car. I said, ‘a new car again? You got home?’ No, he said. ‘You have a lot of money in the bank?’ Do Not.

“He said, ‘this is not my car purchase. This credit, which take care of my father, my signature. I said,’ you know not what it is credit? He replied, ‘yes free!’ Not! Sit here, and I explained what it was leasing. He did not know because no one explained.

“At Chelsea we had a fantastic division, which we call the Players’ Support and Welfare. This division helps players about anything. There were people from the bank explaining about money.

” You want to buy a house? Let’s first make sure that you do it with the right person. Young players penetrate the first team. They do not have to buy a car, because we were sponsored by Audi, and they provide a car for the players. The players need this . It is indeed a complicated world, “concluded Mourinho.