Newcastle Had “Shrink” Arsenal

Newcastle Had "Shrink" Arsenal

LONDON Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew admitted was confident his team will have a chance to win big enough, when faced Arsenal in the Premier League continued at the Emirates on Saturday (12/13/2014), which ended 4-1 to the hosts. According to Pardew, the belief was not separated from their performance trends before against Arsenal.

Newcastle visited Emirates armed with a record of six wins, one draw and one defeat in the last eight games in the Premier League. Newcastle‘s latest victory was a 2-1 ruling Chelsea on December 6, 2014.

While Arsenal host Newcastle with a record of four wins and three defeats in the last eight games in the Premier League. Finally, Arsenal lost 2-3 Stoke City, on December 6, 2014.

Arsenal also face another problem, namely the existence of a number of major players are injured and a number of fans who judge it’s time as coach Arsene Wenger to leave Arsenal.

With this situation, Arsenal silenced Newcastle four goals unrequited one. Victory is determined by Olivier Giroud scored (15, 58) and Santi Cazorla (54, 89 penalty). The goal Newcastle printed Ayoze in the 31st minute.

You know, there will be a chance (to win) as against Arsenal. However, it did not happen. We did not play well and they played well. I think there are many teams that can overcome them,” said Pardew.

We were sloppy when removing the bait, but we are in the middle of a fantastic period and the match against Arsenal are always going to be difficult and the game we did not produce results.”

Three Arsenal forward has not played in midweek and in my opinion, it gives effect (against Arsenal game). Alex OxladeChamberlain incredible and gave us great trouble.”

We played much better than usual. We lost Moussa Sissoko and I decide for themselves about who the players who would I choose. We have to face it without (Sissoko) because he could not play every week. We try to be ambitious, and if it’s wrong , we must accept it, “said Pardew.