Neck choke Mauri, Mexes Apologize

Neck choke Mauri, Mexes Apologize

ROME AC Milan’s 1-3 defeat was compounded by the incident as stance strangle the neckCapitano Philippe Mexes against Lazio, Stefano Mauri at the end of the game. Conscious actions wrong, defender French passports were said to have apologized.

The incident started when there is physical contact after fighting for the ball, where the reruns, Mauri originally kicking foot Mexes. But due to the excessive reaction, the referee actually rewarded red card.

No thanks sent off, Mexes torn hunt Mauri and strangle him with his wrists from behind, and had to be dilerai other players.

Philippe has apologized. He provoked and it is unfortunate he would face sanctions. But he was the first person to apologize and realize that his actions were bad, “said Filippo Inzaghi.

Allenatore is familiarly called Pippo’ was also heartened to admit that Il Diavolo appear ugly. Especially after winning first and continually pressed Lazio who are spartan want to reverse the position.

Our performance is bad, but the players are already exerting everything. The game runs well when we lead, but we hassles when pressed Lazio, he said to Sky Sport Italia, Sunday (01/25/2015).

At least Milan still have a chance to make the calculation. Inzaghi hope this can defeat them back on the stage of the Coppa Italia, where they will return clash with Lazio, on Wednesday (28/01/2015) early the next day at the San Siro.

“Right now we just have to continue to work hard and meet pertandaingan next. Moreover, we will return against Lazio in the Coppa Italia, “complete Pippo.