MU Face Barca and PSG in the pre-season tour

MU Face Barca and PSG in the pre-season tour

Manchester – Manchester United again visited the United States for their pre-season tour. On the tour, the ‘Red Devils’ will face Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain.

United’s pre-season tour will begin on July 17, 2015, in which the Club America is scheduled to be opposed to them. Afterwards, United will face the San Jose Earthquakes (July 21), Barcelona (July 25), and PSG (29 July). This is the second time in two consecutive years in the United diving US preseason tour.

“After seeing the Manchester derby this month broke the record Premier League matches most watched on US cable television, we are happy to return to the US in which to watch football enthusiasm was high-high,” said the club’s Managing Director, Richard Arnold, the club’s official website ,

United’s pre-season tour this year is shorter than last year. Shortening of this tour schedules relating to protest the manager, Louis van Gaal, who assess the pre-season tour last year to spend a lot of effort the players.

It’s no secret if Van Gaal did not like seeing his team too much to move the city and carry out many activities outside the field related to interest sponsors.

With many cities which must be visited and games that have acted, Van Gaal feels his players do not get sufficient rest period. Last year, United had to come to Los Angeles, Denver, Washington DC, Detroit, and Miami to carry out the International Champions Cup pre-season tournament.

When a layover in Los Angeles, Van Gaal did not like the long distance between the hotel where the team stayed with their own training ground lease. Distances that make players not getting enough rest between training sessions morning and afternoon session. Impact, United had to book another room at the hotel is not far from the gym.

Telegraph calls, schedule pre-season tour this year really well thought out so that the manager of Dutch origin is satisfied. In addition to requesting a schedule that is not too dense, Van Gaal also reportedly asked his team settled in the city that is not too damp during pre-season tour.