Mourinho: Dog Bark caravan Passes

Mourinho: Dog Bark caravan Passes

London – Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho did not bother with the people who sneer success of his team to win the Premier League this season. Yet there are those who remain highly appreciates the success.

This season the Premier League so it belongs to Chelsea. In the midst of presumption and judgment boring game and not attractive, the Blues in fact been able to lock the title with three games remaining okay thanks to the pace from the beginning of the season.

“I think from the first day we’ve answered the demands on a team. We’ve never played a superb attacking football nan, has dominance fantastic, great ball control, ball control is low, and survive very well,” Mourinho said as quoted by the BBC.

“For those who say our big named unworthy champion, in my country there is a saying, ‘The dogs bark and the caravan goes by’,” said the man from Portugal is called the phrase that basically has the same meaning as the term ‘dog barking caravan passed ‘.

Chelsea’s style of play under the direction of Mourinho is now arguably not captured the hearts of everyone. There is a sneer, but others defended. Sky Sports analyst Gary Neville has said that Mourinho only do what is necessary to secure the results and Chelsea were already appear more attractive in the first half of the season.

Crystal Palace manager Alan Pardew, who defeated Chelsea to ensure a degree, agrees with the assessment Neville. ‘The Blue’ said Pardew deserves to be champion.

“Congratulations to Chelsea, Jose Mourinho and his players. They really deserve to win the Premier League. The team is playing flamboyant Chelsea in the first half of the season and complete the task in the second half of the season. They do what it takes to win it,” said Pardew