Milan legend Question Playing Position Menez

Milan legend Question Playing Position Menez

MILAN AC Milan Legend, Pierino Prati, cast criticism of the selection of players is usually done by Filippo Inzaghi. In fact, the footballer who was active in the 1970s, it questioned the decision of the coach to play Jeremy Menez as the spearhead of the team.

Since imported from Paris SaintGermain (PSG) this summer, Menez often placed as the main striker following the lack of reliable bomber owned Rossoneri. In fact, the original position of the Frenchman is a right winger.

In response, Prati confirms that Menez not ideal player to be positioned as a spearhead. Although, statistically nicks were successfully listed the players are not too bad. Currently he is a top score of Milan, with a collection of nine goals in 19 games.

Milan need a quality striker up front, which is a real number nine. It is important for them to have a striker who can hold the ball with physical strength, although the feedback received was not good. Menez career, he had an impressive record of scoring goals, “said Prati to Milannews, Saturday (01/24/2015).

This season he scored many goals as helped penalty, and in general it is more often optimized in a counter-attack because he has speed. That tactic will work face a big team, but against a small team that appeared last Menez was not able to show his skills, “concludes the legend.