Maradona Serious Love Vidal

Maradona Serious Love Vidal

Lanus legendary Argentine footballer praised to the skies Juventus midfielder Arturo Vidal. Besides flattering, he believes the player who plays as a boxto-box midfielder that can deliver the Chilean national team as champions in the Copa America in 2015.

It is undeniable, Vidal became one of the many pearls that will attract the attention of the Copa America 2015 in Chile. As is known, it has proved itself as one of the world’s best midfielder since the start uniformed Bianconeri.

Although somewhat late summer in living 2014-2015 season with Juventus because of injury, slowly Vidal began again showed its quality. Although only scored six goals, he had 22 times the grazing along the Old Lady.

(Arturo) Vidal is a player I like, seriously. He’s like a player of Boca Juniors who like to fight and have incredible courage since the first time wearing the jersey, Maradona told Telesur, Wednesday (14/01/2015).

As Chile is in Group A with Mexico, Ecuador, and Bolivia. The team nicknamed La Roja it is believed will not see significant obstacles to qualify for the next phase. Maradona was also thought so.

I think Chile became one of the favorites to win the Copa America, with them being the host. And do not forget they have Alexis Sanchez, Garu Medel, and of course Vidal. They are very strong, he concluded.