List Bomber Substitute Falcao at Old Trafford

List Bomber Substitute Falcao at Old Trafford

MANCHESTER Radamel Falcao is still a Manchester United player on loan from AS Monaco. However, it is unclear whether the Red Devils will mempermanenkan contract or not at the end of the season.

Besides the price is priced Monaco comparatively high, which amounted to 44 million pounds, age 28 years old Falcao and injury record kambuhannya put United to think a thousand times before mempermanenkan contract.

Moreover, the player’s agent, Jorge Mendes has confirmed that Falcao definitely play at a big club. Whether it’s United or other clubs, consequently Falcao not necessarily be in the United.

Louis van Gaal was allegedly going to find a replacement, despite having had James Wilson, Robin van Persie and Wayne Rooney. Here are six players who assessed CaughtOffside (01/14/2015) appropriate to replace Falcao:

5. Jackson Martinez (FC Porto)

Falcao compatriots, and also played in Porto. Martinez has a physical advantage that is okay and expected to conform to the style of play the Premier League. Although untested at the highest level, he has a record of scoring goals for the club and the national team of Colombia.

United had to move quickly to bring in players who targeted a number of European clubs, because he has reached 28 years. Transfermarkt appreciated by 26.40 million Pounds.

4. Gonzalo Higuain (Napoli)

Quality Higuain as a poacher or accomplished scorer, no doubt. At Real Madrid, he just became a heated bench because Karim Benzema is always a mainstay in the formation of Madrid that use only one pure striker.

His move to Napoli was like an oasis for him, because he has always been a dependable player Rafael Benitez. He substitutes worth if Falcao go end of the season.

3. Alexandre Lacazette (Olympique Lyonnais)

Speaking Lacazette, the game is more like a modern attacker who moves to the ball and open space for colleagues such as Luis Suarez.

However, he was much coveted number of European clubs for storing huge potential as a future player France. Together Lyon, 23-year-old has scored 19 goals from 20 appearances and create seven assists.

2. Karim Benzema (Real Madrid)

The challenge to try different competitions and football culture, open to Benzema after winning a number of prestigious trophy with Madrid. Premier League is predicted to be the next port of the former Olympique Lyonnais striker.

The 27-year-old, Benzema prospects timeless and still chill number of European clubs. Benzema could be the perfect addition to the team made by Van Gaal if Falcao go.

1. Edinson Cavani (Paris SaintGermain)

United easiest option if you want to get a replacement Falcao, sharpness and toughness El Matador as the attacker has been tested since he joined Napoli and PSG now.

However, United have reached into the bag in order to obtain his services, because Cavani priced expensive by PSG.