Let Middlesbrough Arsenal Will Not Make Surprise Again

Let Middlesbrough Arsenal Will Not Make Surprise Again

London Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger optimistic going to win and advanced to the semi-finals of the FA Cup. The Gunners are not frightened to Middlesbrough, who reached the fourth round by beating Manchester City.

Middlesbrough made a surprise in the fourth round of the FA Cup. Championship Division team that beat City on Jan. 24 to pitch to the fifth round.

But that fact does not make Wenger pessimistic against Middlesbrough in the fifth round of the rolling at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday (02/15/2015) night. He convinced Gunner’ will end the game with a positive result.

Moreover, Wenger made utilizing a bad experience CIty it as a lesson. He has picked up the pluses and minuses Middlesbrough.

They are not afraid of the top players. They were able to make the team organization yangt okay and very creative,” said Wenger told the Mirror.

We will not be surprised by them. We do not allow brand abikin surprise like what has been done against Manchester CIty,” explained the French manager.

Moreover, Arsenal are also in positive situations. They had just returned to winning ways with subvert Leicester after being defeated Tottenham Hotspur.