Kroos “Pray” Ronaldo

Kroos "Pray" Ronaldo

MADRID Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos, assessing his team mates Cristiano Ronaldo middle at the level of the best performance. He also hoped Ronaldo continues to play like that.

The statement expressed Kroos respond incision 200th Ronaldo in the Spanish league when they beat Celta Vigo 3-0 in the Primera Division on Saturday (06/12/2014). Ronaldo scored three goals in the match.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a very important player. He played very well, and once again he appeared very decisive. He has always been a key player and I hope he maintain performance like that,” said Kroos.

With three goals in the Jornada 14‘s, Ronaldo more firmly at the top of the list alias el Pichichi top scorer of the Spanish League. Now, the former Manchester United player has had 23 goals in just 13 appearances.

Thanks to the victory over Celta, Madrid away again from the pursuit of city rivals Atletico Madrid, who won 2-0 at Elche. With a collection of a total of 36 points, four points ahead of Los Blancos over Atletico.

The key is to maintain this consistency. We have to keep working like this and win the game. The most important thing is not winning record, but still win in every game and be at the top,” said Kroos.