Kans Revans Liverpool to Chelsea

Kans Revans Liverpool to Chelsea

Liverpool last season losing to Chelsea in the 36th week helped make Liverpool received a severe blow in an attempt to win the Premier League. Presented an opportunity for revenge this weekend.

At one point last season the Reds had been in the forefront in the hunt for the Premier League title despite eventually had to settle for finishing in second place behind Manchester City with a difference of two numbers.

One stumbling block when it is experienced by Liverpool’s 0-2 defeat when host Chelsea at Anfield on April 27. Although it was still topped the standings, The Red’ already in a bad position both psychologically and counting.

In the same place this weekend, Saturday (08/11/2014), Liverpool will return to Chelsea. Kolo Toure also thinks that it is a great chance to revenge to end the unbeaten run ‘The Bluein the Premier League today.

They’ve got us lost (the title) league and now we have a chance to beat them honestly, I can not wait looking forward to it,” said Kolo Toure at Soccerway.

“Is this an opportunity to make the calculation? Of course. This is a game that is very important when you remember what they did to us last season.

“This is a great opportunity to end their unbeaten talks about. But the important thing is we want to win those games,” he cried.