Italy vs Croatia Final Balance

Italy vs Croatia Final Balance

Milan Italy had led the advance on Croatia through Antonio Candreva. But the advantage did not last long in which Ivan Perisic scored the equalizer. Both teams had to share a point with a score of 1-1.

2016 European Championship Qualifying match that took place at the San Siro on Monday (11/17/2014) pm dawn runs open. Croatia since the beginning of applying pressing tight against the host, while Italy tried to do quick attacks through the wings.

Italy was able to excel in advance by kicking Candreva in the 11th minute. But the advantage did not last long Azzurri after Perisic equalized in the 15th minute.

In the second half, Croatia more aggressive and more dominant in possession. While Italy attempted to hit through quick counter-attack. However, both teams failed to score extra up to fight over.

This match was halted about 10 minutes when entering the 72nd minute. At first fireworks showered the field, not the other commotion happening in the stands supporting sector Croatia. After re-conducive conditions, the referee decided to continue the match.

With this draw, Croatia and Italy still positions the two Group H in sequence with both collecting the value of 10 from four games. Behind them is Norway with nine points, which in other games 1-0 win over Azerbaijan.

Meanwhile, Bulgaria drew 1-1 cons Malta. Successive Bulgaria (3 points), Malta (0), Azerbaijan (0) keeps the position 4-6