In order for the ‘Red Devils’ Back on Track

In order for the 'Red Devils' Back on Track

Manchester – a 0-3 defeat of Everton at Goodison Park called Manchester United, Juan Mata, very painful. To return to the right track, Mata asked his team to victory over West Bromwich Albion this weekend.

With the defeat, United swallow a bitter pill for two weeks in a row. Previously, the team made the Louis van Gaal when competing lost 0-1 at home to Chelsea.

Impact, a position in the top four that had been seen safe, has now become vulnerable again. United, who now sit in fourth place with a value of 65, threatened approached by Liverpool in the fifth poisisi.

Distance with Liverpool is still seven points. However, if the Reds win over Hull City this midweek and conquer Queens Park Rangers at the weekend, United will kick-off against West Bromwich with a distance of only one point with Liverpool.

“I know you are all disappointed after the game yesterday,” Mata wrote, speaking to supporters of United, in his personal blog. “We are too and I still feel sad when writing this.”

“But we can do is stay compact and look ahead. For a team like ours, losing by a score like that is unacceptable. Now, we must put aside the past and prepare for the next game.”

“The match against Everton has been heavy since McCarthy scored. But, we are trying to rectify the situation by creating a number of chances and played in the Everton area.”