Hang Day Stadium, peeling paint and rusty iron

Hang Day Stadium, peeling paint and rusty iron

HANOI Indonesian national team coach Alfred Riedl, complained field conditions Hang Day Stadium, Hanoi, where will the ongoing fight against Laos, Friday (11/28/2014).

Riedl complaint is not without reason. From observation Kompas.com, Hang Day Stadium does look pretty bad to hold an international tournament.

With a capacity of 22,000 seats spectators, passing when viewed from the outside, Hang Day Stadium as not neglected. On the outer side of the west and east of the stadium, directly facing the highway.

Go inside the stadium, there are rubber-based athletics track. As for the stands, just to the west and east that could accommodate an audience quite a lot. Southern and northern grandstand can only hold a few hundred spectators.

The building itself has been seen as old and unkempt. Many paints peeling and ironiron contained in the stands began to rust.

The condition of the grass was not good enough because it is too thick which makes the players injury prone. It was complained Riedl when tested Hang Day Stadium on Thursday (11/27/2014).

The only thing that is fairly modern Hang Day Stadium is an electronic scoreboard installed in the south. In addition, Hang Day Stadium is located right in the center of Hanoi.