Good record Stalled Over Madrid, Simeone Stay Home with Upright Head

Good record Stalled Over Madrid, Simeone Stay Home with Upright Head

Madrid – No regrets of Diego Simeone. Although disappointed with the defeat Atletico Madrid at the hands of rivals, Real Madrid, Simeone said they were proud because his team against the best.

Atletico lost 0-1 in the Champions League quarter-final second leg held at the Santiago Bernabeu on Thursday (23/4) pm dawn. Thus, Atletico were eliminated 0-1 on aggregate.

The loss left a good record over Atletico Madrid stalled. The meeting at the Bernabeu this morning is the eighth meeting of the two teams this season. In seven previous meetings made by Diego Simeone’s squad won four victories, while the other three ending in a draw.

Although stalled in the quarter, after the previous season drove up to the final, Simeone satisfied with the performance of foster children in the Champions League. According to him, the most important thing the team has come up with the best ability to deploy.

“As a child, I was taught to compete well. When I had to fight with the best ability and still lose, I still go home with pride,” said Simeone in the official UEFA website.

As usual, the game this morning, Atletico did not rely possession. However, they played with the usual intensity.

According Simeone, the only drawback is the difficulty faced pressure Atletico Madrid in the first ten minutes. Even though Madrid dominated possession, coach Argentine judge that his team can close the space well.

“I think, we had trouble in the first 10 minutes. We were difficult to defend the ball when they are hit with high intensity.”

“However, after the game in balance. They indeed had the ball more, but we closed the room better,” said Simeone.