Garcia Senyumi Referee

Garcia Senyumi Referee

ROME AS Roma coach Rudi Garcia said he was satisfied with the performance of the referee who led the game against Empoli middle of this week. However, the Frenchman said there was pleased with the performance shown by the club in her care.

In a match that took place at the Stadio Olimpico on Wednesday (01/21/2015) early morning, Rome finally emerged as the winner over Empoli with a final score of 2-1. Two goals from Roman victory comes through the feet of Juan Iturbe and Daniele De Rossi’s penalty kick.

While one goal obtained by Empoli comes from the action of a substitute player Simone Verdi through the second half. Looking at it, then make Garcia commented on the course of the game.

Empoli played pretty well today, they offer make us strive to be able to win this game. Style game counterattack we applied them very troublesome, and I also give enthusiastic about the performance of the referee in this fight, “explained Garcia, as reported by Football Italia.

Although successfully completing the game with a win, not make Garcia said he was satisfied. In fact, the 44-year-old coach was stated quite disappointed with the performance shown by the foster children.

We have a lot of chances in the first half and also in the second round. I saw at least three to four opportunities that should be able to be a goal, said former Lille coach it.

However, we were not able to play quietly while in front of the opponent’s goal. Our final settlement is also very bad throughout the match today. It is a loss for us, and I was disappointed with what we did before, he concluded.