Fellaini Got To Thinking to flee

Fellaini Got To Thinking to flee

Manchester – The frustration had come Marouane Fellaini after a poor last season which made him think to leave. But the Belgian player was satisfied finally able to get up and look good this season.

Purchased with expensive price 27.5 million pounds of Everton Fellaini is regarded as a key purchase for David Moyes last season. But unfortunately hope lives of hope, because Fellaini and MU care Moyes performed equally poorly.

Injuries are often disrupt it makes Fellaini failed to shine after not scoring a single goal from 24 appearances in all competitions. No doubt Fellaini received harsh criticism and touted to be the player who will be disposed of by Louis van Gaal last summer.

But Fellaini reluctant to give up and finally his efforts sweet fruit when he began to show his best game since the beginning of this year. He has now become an irreplaceable part of the scheme of the game ‘Red Devils’ with a total of six goals to make 26 appearances in all competitions.

The existence of MU in the top four this time is also inseparable from the role of 27-year-old footballer.

“Last season was a tough season for everyone, not just me, but criticism for me was because I was buying Moyes,” said Fellaini told the Daily Mail.

“I have some time to look good but I still criticized. Many people are talking about a matter of me, about my qualities,” he continued.

“I’ve played five seasons in England and every season I have always performed well for Everton. Then suddenly my performance declined only in one season, I lost my quality. I lost everything.”

“That’s the view of me. And now my game is back. But still, it’s not true for me.”

“Indeed I was thinking to go but I still have a contract here. I have spoken with the new manager and he wanted me to prove my abilities to him. I received it. I was a footballer and like the competition. It’s a big club and I want to prove that I deserve to be here, “said Fellaini.