Dzeko or Bony?

Dzeko or Bony?

Manchester – New players that have been sitting on the bench Manchester City, watched the “competitors”, Edin Dzeko, scored and performed very well in the match against Newcastle United.

Yes I Do. Wilfried Bony was waiting when he began reliable Manuel Pellegrini, became a starter in many games, and of course hoping to score a lot of goals. For a player who was purchased for 28 million pounds, a goal that many of course is a common expectation.

In the English Premier League match on Saturday (21/02/2015) and then, after he completed all the tasks the country along the Ivory Coast at the African Cup, Bony was in his courtside chair City at the Etihad Stadium. He is still positioned as a backup, because Pellegrini decided menduetkan Sergio Aguero with Dzeko as a starter.

Well, because Aguero “impossible” is shifted, then Dzeko is internal rivals Bony. “Shit” for Dony, Dzeko performed brilliantly in the match. The Bosnian striker scored one goal – City win 5-0 – and very attractive play for 90 minutes.

Bony remain lowered to the ground, but not to replace Dzeko but Aguero. Pellegrini certainly want Aguero more fit for the Champions League match against Barcelona on Wednesday.

For approximately half an hour, Bony made a golden opportunity, which is broken by the opposing team’s goalkeeper. Is promising also for the players who recruited the City of Swansea City.

Bony arrival already takes “victim” of Stevan Jovetic, who will not be included Pellegrini in the Champions League. Are Dzeko will also diminished after Bony to accompany Aguero on the European scene?

The answer may depend on Dzeko. Therefore, before last night, the last time he made a goal was on Sept. 27, and he missed a similar opportunity in 16 consecutive games.