‘Do not Change A Winning Team’ Does not Mean Much to Van Gaal

'Do not Change A Winning Team' Does not Mean Much to Van Gaal

Manchester – The term ‘do not change a winning team’ does not mean much to the manager of Manchester United, Louis van Gaal. If he felt his team should be changed, he will change it.

The term ‘do not change a winning team’ usually applies to a team that has found the scheme and the right lineup. Scheme and arrangement of the players usually carry a team that won a series of success or victory. Thus, it is not advisable to change the scheme and lineup that already fit it.

United latter has found the scheme and the right lineup. Van Gaal, who was wearing a wide variety of formations this season, finally finding the right blend in a 4-3-3 formation, in which Michael Carrick-Ander Herrera-Marouane Fellaini playing in midfield, while Ashley Young-Juan Mata-Wayne Rooney fill front lines.

However, that does not mean Van Gaal will not change the starting lineup. According to the manager of Dutch origin, the lineup could he who tinkers depending on the opponents faced.

“‘Never change a winning team’ used to be a parable in England, but I always open my eyes,” he said as dilasir Reuters.

“I also have to pay attention to the strength of my opponent and make decisions based on it with the staffs that I have.”

Ex-Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher believes that Van Gaal would not change the lineup when faced Manchester City on Sunday (12/4). He was confident, Angel Di Maria will start the game from the bench and Young will still be played on the left side of the field.

However, according to Van Gaal. Di Maria calls may be raised in the starting XI tomorrow.

“Not only is Angel, but every player who trained with the first team is also trying to penetrate (starting XI). They are all trying as hard as possible,” said Van Gaal.