“DNA Milan Inzaghi Flowing Blood”

"DNA Milan Inzaghi Flowing Blood"

DUBAI AC Milan target the entry into the Champions League at the end of this season, which means the big three ratings. See the competition of two racehorses, Juventus and AS Roma in the hunt for the Scudetto, then the target is realistic Rossoneri number three.

The goal was achieved by Ricardo Montolivo optimistic et al, especially along Filippo Inzaghi as the team captain. Each time assisting players compete, Inzaghi always shows enthusiasm in providing direction. This is complimented by one of the players of Milan, Sulley Muntari.

He was very excited, and when you have a coach with a passion and mentality seems, you can do anything. He was long in Milan, so the club is in his blood at this time, “said Muntari to Dubai Eye, Tuesday (12/30/2014).

Fun to have a coach like him, you just have to see it and you feel able to give everything when playing. I hope we can give a wonderful thing at the end of the season to make her happy, “he hoped.

Currently Milan was in Dubai in order to carry out a friendly match against Real Madrid at The Sevens Stadium this Tuesday night, I think it is wonderful here, and will be a great experience (against Madrid). It is important for us, “said the Ghanaian midfielder.