Develop Policies Related to the Starting XI, Rodgers: This is not Fantasy Football

Develop Policies Related to the Starting XI, Rodgers: This is not Fantasy Football

Liverpool Liverpool manager, Brendan Rodgers, turning the criticism related to the composition reply to his starting XI in the game against Real Madrid. He calls, putting together a team not as easy as spoken.

Rodgers has been criticized because of not lowering the best team in the match against Madrid at the Bernabeu a few days ago. Some critics call that he accidentally release” the game and keep a player for the game against Chelsea this weekend.

However, Rodgers has denied that he has been throwing in the towel first. He was also the offensive by saying, calling the revelation of players as a reserve player is a decrease in respect for these players.

“I know there is a lot of criticism because the lineup was outstanding. But, I think it is the decline in respect for the players that play,” Rodgers said as quoted by Sky Sports.

Rodgers then reply back to criticize. He mentions, as a manager, putting together a team is not the same as do most people in fantasy football. Each manager must consider many factors before deciding who those who will be lowered.

Managers across the country face the real reality of the job of being a manager,” said Rodgers.

This is not fantasy football. It’s not a matter of sentiment or a game on the computer.”

When we put together a team, we are also dealing with the realities related to a player, how their physical condition, as well as tactics that are prepared for the game.

Maybe it’s hard for all of you. You may not have the information I have related to the situation within the team,” Rodgers said.