Depay Arrogant, But Promising

Depay Arrogant, But Promising

MANCHESTER – Memphis Depay bring Eredivisie champions PSV Eindhoven this season and scored 21 goals from 28 matches dilakoninya. Nickname nan cocky arrogant player who had pinned him for selfish while playing, but Depay believed to have a promising future.

The initial step to do when making important decisions in his career, when the end of the season decided to leave and join Manchester United. Winger Dutch passports it is believed one of the pillars of the former Dutch national team, Arjan de Zeuuw will perform well with Louis van Gaal’s side.

“It’s a big step (move Depay), but I think he will do well. People consider it a bit arrogant, cocky, but I think he’s a very good player. Promising player, very strong, fast and have a skill, “said De Zeeuw told the BBC World Service, Friday (08/05/2015).

“Just because he is full of confidence, does not mean he is arrogant – people expecting it to be the best player on the pitch every week, so you have a bit of confidence to achieve it,” he continued.

United predicted spend of £ 22 million to draw from PSV. Van Gaal is also not alien to Depay coach, because he was promoted to squad Der Oranje at the 2014 World Cup.