Controversy for the sake of Rome Presents Scrape Domination Juve

Controversy for the sake of Rome Presents Scrape Domination Juve

NAPOLI AS Roma kept stalking Juventus in second place in Serie A, if I Giallorossi win against Lazio tonight. Then they will shift the position of Juventus as the top standings, as they play first.

But not any fear that surrounds the Serie A three times in a row, Juventus actually more motivated to perform optimally. Team mainstay defender Leonardo Bonucci is confident his side can be strong because of the presence of a rival.

My goal is different between us and them. It’s useless to talk about the controversy, because at the end of the season (yesterday) punish their mistakes. Rome and all of them should focus on those great teams, without wasting time thinking about what happened, said Bonucci in Tuttosport, Sunday (11/01/2015).

Football goes without favoritism, points can be obtained all the teams. We are currently well as a point in front, I think Rome brought controversy because Juventus dominated the past few years, he continued.

It is hard against us, so they began to disturb the atmosphere in an effort to reduce our confidence, but we actually motivated,” he continued

Allenatore Rome, Rudi Garcia as well as foster children had continued to discuss the controversy of Roma‘s 3-2 defeat to Juventus earlier this season. But Juve did not just think of Rome, because it will come to the San Paolo against Napoli in Serie A. advanced

Bonucci was still not forgotten the Italian Super Cup defeat last December, of the same team. He dared to advance the victory, although the last time Juventus win at the San Paolo in 2000.

This is a game to be won to remove the doubts that arise after the match in Doha and against Inter (Milan). We are the strongest team and should continue to prove it. Is painful events in Doha? Always painful if all the relevant trophy, but it is time we win at the San Paolo, Bonucci believes.