Cons Lazio, Milan stretcher Campaign “Save Inzaghi”

Cons Lazio, Milan stretcher Campaign "Save Inzaghi"

MILAN AC Milan Coppa Italia Quarterfinal counter Lazio (01/28/2015), can be used as the Rossoneri players the opportunity to rise up and save Filippo Inzaghi career as a coach who was in the balance.

The player also supports Inzaghi put the body, and hopes to play more dirty” against a team that just beat them in Serie A with a score of 3-1. This desire is represented by the top scorer Milan, Jeremy Menez.

The players always with Inzaghi. I do not say this because there is interest, but all of them do think alike. We (Milan) looks too good, we need a little dirty because the top teams have it. We were fine in the locker room, it is a big game tomorrow is very important, “said Menez in Football Italy, Tuesday (27/01/2015).

The match is important to us, coaches and fans, but we should not be too much pressure on ourselves. Tomorrow we must not repeat mistakes, and play like a lion because they can not make any mistakes. It is true that we get through hard times, but there is always the important things in life, he added.

Coppa Italia into a highly focused event Milan, because the team performed well until the quarterfinals. Menez was promised, he and his colleagues will continue to strive to provide the best for the fans.

We are concerned with the Coppa Italia, this tournament is very important this year. In the league, we did not perform well, so if we can do it in the Coppa Italia would be fun, “said the former Paris Saint Germain’s.

We will work hard to get a good result tomorrow, fans are very important to us. I understand (frustration) because for them, things are not going well, said Menez.