Competition La Liga Jornada 32

Competition La Liga Jornada 32

Barcelona will try to get back to winning ways in La Liga at home to Valencia. If Barca slip up again, Real Madrid are dealing with Malaga could grab the top.

The series of six wins in La Liga Barca stalled last week after only be balanced 2-2 at Sevilla headquarters. Although still tops the standings, the Blaugrana lose valuable points in cement his position.

With 75 points through 31 games, Barca are now only two points ahead of Madrid (73) which continues to stalk in second. With seven games remaining, their rivalry began approaching its climax.

In the Jornada 32 this week, Barcelona will host Valencia. Not an easy match for Lionel Messi et al. El Che, who finished fourth in the standings (65 points) was trying to get back into the top three – in order to automatically qualify for the Champions League – after losing the position after Jornada 28.

Of the 15 parties last league opponents Valencia, Barca is only lost once. But it happened at Camp Nou last season. Opta also mention that the Valencia victory when it helped put an end to the rate of 31 matches unbeaten at home to Barca.

As a result troops Luis Enrique, who was in high confidence after a 3-1 win over Paris Saint-Germain in the first leg of the Champions League 8, still have to be extra careful when entertaining Valencia, Saturday (04/18/2015) night .

If Barca failed to achieve maximum return on Valencia, Madrid ready to take a chance.