Claimed Greedy, Bale Laugh

Claimed Greedy, Bale Laugh

MADRID Real Madrid superstar Gareth Bale laugh at the claim that calling it a greedy player. Bale insists when he was playing football in the desired way and do not really care what other people say.

Players who redeemed from Totttenham Hotspur with a tag that reportedly reached 94 million euros it has recently become the target of criticism because of its action is considered selfish -enggan pass the ball to teammate and choose to shoot straight.

Everyone has their respective opinion and that’s the way they live. I think when I play, I download the set-up goals and also scored. I play football with my style. And that’s what I like, “said Bale, as reported by El Larguero, Wednesday (28/01/2015).

Teammate at the Santiago Bernabeu, Cristiano Ronaldo also cast criticism for the Wales national team players in the game contra Valencia. At which time, the Los Blancos 2-1 defeat at the Mestalla, January 4 last.

Against Valencia, which I remember is me toward the goal and wants to score goals. And when I scored no one is talking again. But I do not see it and it will be hard feed, “he continued.

When you get closer to the goal you want to score goals, but sometimes it does not happen. How you respond is how you show the character as a player, “said the player who has scored 14 goals plus seven assists in all games this season.