Cisse, Destroyer record Invincible Chelsea

Cisse, Destroyer record Invincible Chelsea

Tyneside Chelsea’s unbeaten record broken by Newcastle. The figure of the protagonist for the Magpies is Papiss Cisse.

Perhaps no one thought Newcastle became the first team to beat Chelsea. However, the signs were actually already be seen before the game began.

Yes, Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho could never win at St JamesPark, home to Newcastle. The poor record continues. Alan Pardew’s side have won 2-1, Saturday (06/12/2014).

Heroes victory is Papiss Cisse Newcastle, new players entered in the second half and scored both his team’s winning goal. Players from Senegal was a nightmare for Chelsea.

“I do not play well, but could have scored twice and it was very important. The team played very well and stick together,” he said, told the BBC.

“Like coach said, if we play as a whole, you have a chance to win. I did my job. While sitting on the bench, I was waiting for a chance to play. I am very happy,” he closed.