Champions League semi-final: El Clasico, Suarez vs Chiellini, Reunion Pep-Barca, or …?

Champions League semi-final: El Clasico, Suarez vs Chiellini, Reunion Pep-Barca, or ...?

The draw of the Champions League four will take place today. Explores four top European teams, interesting scenarios were also present.

Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich and Juventus are now waiting to see how the results of the draw on Friday (04/24/2015) afternoon. Four teams themselves are the teams most often penetrate the semi-finals; Madrid (31), Barcelona (30), Bayern (25), Juventus (22).

Potential parties presented fierce, let alone four teams also raised a total of 21 achievement Cup title / Champions League; Madrid (10 titles), Bayern (5), Barcelona (4), Juventus (2).

There are no restrictions on the country in the draw. As a result might be two representatives of Spain in the semi-finals, Barca and Madrid, must deal – explores an El Clasico who risked top of the party ticket.

In addition there are other scenarios that are not less interesting. Bayern versus Barca, for example.

If the results of the draw gave rise to the results so then peracik tactics Bayern, Pep Guardiola, will face Barca for the first time since he left the club in 2012. Guaranteed to attract remember Guardiola, who as coach ever offered a pile of titles, including two Champions League titles for the Blaugrana, now will attempt to drop his former club for the sake of success with his new team.

Then there is also the scenario Barca opponents Juve. The possibility of the duel will also interesting because the figure of Luis Suarez in Los Cules and Giorgio Chiellini in the Bianconeri.

Only last summer Suarez and Chiellini had a “story” special. At that time, in the World Cup, Suarez was caught biting Chiellini in Uruguay match against Italy. As a result of the incident Suarez disanksi four months by UEFA, has kept him at the beginning of the three parties of the Champions League this season. If Barca met Juve, this will be the first time Suarez Chiellini conference after the biting incident.

Then at least there is also a duel nuanced Italy if Juve met Madrid; in connection with the figure of Ancelotti. Peracik tactics El Real is not just a Italiano but also once worked with La Vecchia Signora 1999-2001.

Regardless, the results of the last four next draw will undoubtedly bring a fierce political parties on May 5 to 6 and 12 to 13 May, to the final in Berlin on June 6. Your predictions?
(Krs / A2S)