Casillas save after another desire Gerrard



Casillas save after another desire Gerrard

MADRID Real Madrid captain Iker Casillas admitted he was not necessarily going to end my career as a professional footballer in the Spanish capital club. The 33-year-old expressed interest in following in the footsteps of Steven Gerrard career in Major League Soccer (MLS) in the next season.

Certainty of future Casillas is always a big question mark in recent years. Therefore, the Spanish national team player was still silent when there are questions regarding the continuation of his career with Real Madrid in the future.

However, slowly but surely came to light in which Saint Iker will continue the rest of his career. Casillas stated that he was very keen to try out the MLS as do most of the star players that are no longer young.

I think it does not matter if it says that I wanted to continue his career by playing in the (MLS) United States,” said Casillas, as reported by Soccernet, Wednesday (01/28/2015).

One and a half years this is running hard for me personally. However, I respond as from a different perspective, to see this as a tool to strengthen my mental so much better, added the player who has defended Madrid since the 1999‘s.