Call Messi Barca Style Same, Just Add Variatif Only

Call Messi Barca Style Same, Just Add Variatif Only

Barcelona – Under the direction of Luis Enrique as tactician, Barcelona assessed’ve got a different style alias tiki-taka began to leave. Barca star Lionel Messi dismissed.

Over the last year, Barca is very closely with tiki-taka style that also deliver enormous success for the Catalan club. But the arrival of Enrique, who was also a former player of the club, Barca rated started making different styles.

If the previous Barca game based on ball possession through short operands flow with the ball slowly directed to the opposing defense, Enrique is now considered to be applying direct game that makes the skin round more quickly to the heart of the opponent’s defense. That is of course tiki-taka was touted becoming obsolete Barca in the era of Enrique.

However, Messi did not agree. He said that despite the current Barca game more often apply “direct”, it simply is one of a mere variation. Tiki-taka into another variation still used his team.

“I think now we have two variants; we have two styles, and we can use it in turns,” said Messi as reported by the US.

“With the speed that we have on the front lines, we can apply a counter-attack game and take advantage of the empty space being left out players of our rival teams, or we can play with our usual way.

“We have not lost patience and philosophy of Barça will pass game,” said Argentine 27-year-old.