Benzema Boost Fitness with Electric Jacket

Benzema Boost Fitness with Electric Jacket

Karim Benzema has a special trick to maintain fitness throughout the season. Real Madrid striker imitate the methods that have been used by the sprinter Usain Bolt. Like what?

The secret is disclosed a personal trainer who is also a physician Guillermo Tabuyo. According to him, Benzema routine physical practice with electric jacket.

The method is actually not a new thing for athletes sleuruh world. Bolt is one of the athletes who popularized the practice way. Until the method known as Bolt Method.

This lstrik stimulant Jacket helps reduce fat and build muscle. It can also be used to increase the reaction rate by employing muscle fibers of type 2,” said Tabuyo told Football Espana.

It could stimulate more muscle in training than the conventional way and help the recovery of injury. It also could be a big step preventive measures accurately.

Having more muscle mass means that will reduce the risk of injury. At Bayern Munich this method has been used by all the players,” he explained.

According to information, the electric jacket price is quite expensive. Which ranges between euro 10 thousand to 20 thousand euros, equivalent to USD 143.4 million to USD 287 million.